VIRAL: 4-Year-Old Maji Throws Tantrums For A Cause [Video]

Kids often throw tantrums at the mall because there’s something they can’t have. Yes? Yes.

A toy or a candy that we refuse to buy can suddenly turn our angelic and normally behaved ones into unmanageable kiddos, kicking and screaming on the floor.

But throwing a fit isn’t exactly the same for 4-year-old boy, Maji.

Although his mom bought the book he wanted, he was still unhappy with one thing.

The price. LOL.

His 3-minute-video is so adorably cute that it went viral and reached more than 2 million views a week after it was posted on Facebook.

Mind you, he has a very good point. May ipinaglalaban siya. Hahaha

If you’re a bookworm, you will love this kid. I’m pretty sure the things he said has, at one point or another, ran through your head. You just don’t complain about it out loud.

Watch. 🙂

Bakit ang mahal?

Posted by Michelle Casar-Gamis on Wednesday, 30 September 2015

If only we could throw a fit like that too! Perhaps over gas increase and consumer goods prices? Hahaha!

Maji: Ayoko ng mahal

Maji: Gusto ko ibaba ang price.

Maji boy, you are really something. Tahan na. We’ll buy you affordable books for Christmas and make sure to leave the price tag on before wrapping them.

(Thanking Emir & Michelle for letting me feature him here. I can’t wait to meet him! More videos please!)