When Kids Invade Your Phone

I woke up today and found a video and a few photos on my phone that I was pretty sure I didn’t take.

I quickly checked it and to my surprise, it was a spooky recording of a little girl in the dark.

Good thing she introduced herself and had that rise of delightful tone at the end. I’m not so sure what time that was but I now know what will happen the next time I leave my phone unlock and fall asleep before she does.

Hello to this generation of techie babies. Have you come to terms with it? I slowly am.

Here’s one of her shots.

Thank goodness I was facing the other way! haha

Quite a good one though don’t you think? With her eye on the foreground and a sleeping mom at the back, it was as if she’s saying, “Sssshhhh.. I have my mom’s phone. I can have selfies all night bwahahahaha.”

A few months ago, she also surprised me with a voice recording entitled, $))(-()()!&$dffbhfcvghfrbbhgvjfhhgfxvc, that.. well, here it is, you be the judge.



There were 7 more of that, one of which I renamed, Imbentong Kanta. LOL


Voice memos


What has your kid done with your phone lately? Deleted some apps perhaps?

It would be fun to know! Share in my comment box below. 😉