An Afternoon of Fun At Kidzooona Manila

It is great that they have combined educational toys, role-playing, and physical activities all in one place. I am also glad they encourage family time. I think it’s fun for kids to see their parents sliding and jumping around with them.

They also have available drinking water, they provide lockers for shoes and valuables, and everything is childproofed. So if you have a younger child, you don’t have to worry as much if they fall or get off balanced. As for older kids, the amusement arcade is right by the entrance for them to enjoy.


– For uninterrupted playtime, eat a heavy meal before going in.

– Take a quick trip to the toilet before your time starts. The comfort rooms outside Kidzooona are not very near for a child who can’t hold it long enough.

– Bring you own socks so you won’t have to buy (Adult & kid).

– If it’s your first time, buy the 3-hour ticket. One hour doesn’t seem enough to enjoy the whole area.

– Go on a weekday if you can. There are fewer people and your kids can enjoy the toys, the slides, and the role play booths better. There is only 1 outfit per shop and I could just imagine how crazy it would be on weekends when many kids would fight for their turn. I was told that they often get full on Saturdays and Sundays and there is a queue to get in.

– Last but not the least, leave your killjoy self at home. 🙂 You can sit and watch on the side, or you can have a great time with your kids. Bring out the child in you – jump, roll, slide, and fall. Others may laugh, you may feel silly, but your kids will never forget. 🙂

As for us, I’m glad that this was how we celebrated her 4th. No fondant cakes this year, no fancy loot bags, not even balloons. Just what kids really love to do. To play. 🙂

You can check out their rates and birthday packages on these links. You can also contact them at:

Landline: +63-2-6319830 / +63-2-831-7112 / Globe +63-917-5485025