Grateful Thursdays

Today, I’m officially off the calendar! My oh my. Ganito pala ang feeling! LOL.

Allow me to post the things that I’m grateful for today. 

1. An early unexpected celebration last night with my aunt and cousins.


Busog lusog 🙂


Thank you for the free buffet for birthday celebrants Yakimix!

Happy tummy, happy Mommy!

2. My morning cup of coffee.


Caffeine running through my veins.. loading.. loading.. Yebah!

3. A call from my mom.


Madaming pangaral si mother..hehe Missing home!

4. Gift of time to pick Mia up from school.


5. Surprise delivery!


Bumu-bouquet si Chris! First time! Ever. Ahehe.

Sira na ulit ang diet. Next year na lang. Promise.

6. And this!

We got GOLD! And we couldn’t be more proud!

Way to go Miatots! Woohooo!


Truly overjoyed with this news. I couldn’t stop looking at the programme. Hahaha!

Thank you God for giving me more reasons to celebrate. It was a simple day but it was more than enough to make my heart swell.

Grateful for family and friends. Grateful for the gift of life. 🙂


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