Our Fun-Packed Bohol Escape

It has been so quiet on the blog lately and it’s because we are on a long vacation here in Bohol and our days have always been FULL!

I’ve been wanting to write about our activities but they have piled up and I can’t choose which one to post first! So I guess I’ll just throw them out in random and let the pictures tell. 🙂

Here are the things that we will definitely miss once school starts again next week.


Mia and the pigeons

Away from the hustle and bustle of Manila, this is something we always do whenever we are here in Tagbilaran. Aside from the Milan-like-movie feel, it’s peace and quiet for me and popcorn feeding and chasing fun for Mia. 🙂



What better way to spend summer than to play, play, and play? We went to different open parks and let her swing to her heart’s content.

Mia swing 1


Mia swing 3


Mia swing 2


The simple joys of childhood. 🙂



Summer would of course not be complete without a splash! Mia had asked for it since day one!

We spent an entire afternoon with friends at Bluewater Panglao,

Mia at Bluewater

Photo by: Chris Ramasola


and we were blessed to have stayed at South Palms Resort for 3 days and 2 nights.

Mia at South Palms



Mia’s happy smile says it all!

Mia Jana Jay

Silly games with sister duo, Janna & Jayjay.


Mia Janna and Jayjay

Crazy and wacky playdays.


Mia Duchess

Endless giggles with bubbly Duchess.


Mia ice cream 1

Ice cream and cotton candy party with Dane’s adorable family.


Mia Nanay Jan

Boholano 101 with her curly twin, Nanay Janette. (Kujawa jamo!)


Gazillion belly laughs with Auntie love. Never a dull moment!

Gazillion belly laughs with Auntie love. Never a dull moment with her!


Chris' Birthday dinner at Henann

Lots of hugs and kisses from Lolo Ric and Daddy. 🙂

(Photo during Chris’ birthday dinner at Henann ResortAlonaBURP! )

Couldn’t help but think how simple yet grand this summer turned out to be. Thank you to everyone who spent time with us. We certainly had a blast!

Thanking Chris’ family too for sponsoring our trip.

Till next time!