It’s Dress Day Everyday

I used to judge parents for letting their kids go to school in elaborate outfits.

They know there’s playground time everyday and they dress their girls in tutus and party dresses? How can the kids move freely, run around, climb slides, and ride bikes?

And then… Mia all of a sudden started to love dresses.

Not only did she want to be in a dress EVERYDAY but in a LONG ankle length dress!

“Mia, how can you play in that outfit?”

“But I like…”

For a while, I really insisted on leggings and shorts.

But the day came that I gave up.

I realized it wasn’t worth the morning struggle so I said,

“Okay, you can wear what you like. I will only object if it can make you too hot or too cold.”

From then on, our mornings were more relaxed.

And more fun actually. 🙂

When I finally let go, I got to know her more. And she got to know herself more. She developed her sense of style and she’d look in the mirror with much confidence and pride.


I even bought more dresses because we would ran out and she’d always ask if her favorites had already been washed.

So how about playground time? It remains her favorite part of the school day. 🙂

She’d jump around, go on her knees, and play like she used to.

I just bought a number of panty shorts to make sure she’s well covered underneath.

Have you lost this battle too? Share in the comments below. 🙂