My 5 Year Old Says She’s Soon Getting Married

Aug. 7 : First glimpse of the soon-to-be Groom

We got an invite!

Zander's Invitation

CHRIS: Oh no! Zander is Iron Man!

MIA: And I’m gonna marry him.😊



Aug. 9 : The “Contract”

MIA: Mommy, Daddy, this box is for you to put a check or an x.

Dear Mommy & Daddy


Check or X


MIA: If you put an x that means we’re going to cancel the wedding and we can just have it on the next next year or the 3rd year. When I’m 7 or 8. Maybe in 2018.

But if you put a check, that means we’re going to have it next year! When I’m 6 and Zander is 5. 😊

So you put a check like this o… (showing me how)

JING: But if I do that, that means you will have to live with Zander after the wedding.

MIA: Live?

JING: Yes. Because husbands and wives move out of their homes and live together on their own.

MIA: Oh… I know! I can bring my toy doll, the one that laughs and cries when I press the button, and that will be our baby! Then I’ll be the Mommy and Zander will be the Daddy. 😀

Okay Mommy? So who’s going to sign first? You or Daddy?

CHRIS: Mommy first!

JING: Waaa! But I don’t like you to move out yet.

MIA: Mommy, I will not eat lunch until you sign my wedding contract.

‪#‎HungerStrike‬‪ #‎ToSignOrNotToSign‬


Aug. 17 : The Signature