My 5 Year Old Says She’s Soon Getting Married

Aug. 17 : The Signature

MIA: So Mom, are u ready to put a check or an x?

JING: Ay, I thought u forgot about that already.

MIA: No, I didn’t. We will still have our pretend wedding downstairs. I’m still moving in with my husband.

JING: You mean move out?

MIA: No, I don’t want to move out. Zander will just move in with us. Here in our home. Okay?

JING: Haha, I bet his parents won’t allow him to.

MIA: They will! Come on. Put a big check. 😀

JING: —-

MIA: Okay, we’ll just move out for a while, I’ll bring my toys, and then when it’s time to go home, we’ll move back in with our parents. With you. Okay Mom? Are you going to sign already?

Mom? Mom?

JING: Hahay… Can I just put a smile?

MIA: Okay, I’ll make a big circle for you and you draw a smile inside okay?

Smile signature

MIA: There! Wiiiiiiiiiiii! 😀




Aug. 23: My SHOCK of the week!

MIA: Mommy did you hear what Daddy and I were talking about?

JING: A little. About Zander right? What about him?

MIA: We kissed each other on the cheeks. hihihi

(oh my goodness)

JING: Whaaaat??! Where?

MIA: In a secret hide out.

JING: Whaaaat??! Where is the secret hide out?

MIA: It’s a secret. I won’t tell you.

JING: No!!! It’s not good to keep secrets from Mommy.

MIA: Will you get mad if I lie?

JING: Yes!

MIA: And if I tell the truth, you won’t?

JING: Yeah, I won’t. I like the truth.

MIA: At the playground. Inside the playhouse. hihi

(I’m gonna die!!!)

JING: Who kissed who first?

MIA: He kissed me on the cheeks first.

JING: And what did you do, what did you say??

MIA: Nothing. I kissed him on the cheeks too.

JING: Whaaaaaaat??!

MIA: Yeah, and then we hugged each other. hihihi

JING: Oh my goodness, Mia! I thought we only kiss and hug the people we love.

MIA: I love Zander!

JING: You love Zander? Are you sure??

MIA: Yeah, we’re friends. We’re friends since the first day of school!

JING: Awww. I like it that you are good friends. But we don’t kiss our classmates because we might share sicknesses…

MIA: Zander doesn’t look sick..

JING: Well, we don’t know for sure. And Mia, you can only kiss boys when you’re already married.

MIA: But we will soon be.

JING: Yeah, but not until.

MIA: But I love Zander. Remember in Tangled they kissed and got married and lived happily ever after?

JING: Those are grown-up characters, anaaak!

(okay, no more fairytales for us muna!)

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Aug. 30 : On The Rocks

MIA: Mommy, it’s not going to happen anymore. The wedding.

JING: Why?

MIA: Zander is quarelling me.

JING: He is?

MIA: Yes. The smile that you put on my contract, I’m going to put an X over that. I’m not gonna marry anymore.



September 20 : Wedding is on again!