My 5 Year Old Says She’s Soon Getting Married

September 20 : Wedding is on again!

MIA: Mommy, Zander whispered to me today.

JING: Whispered what?

MIA: He said, “I love you, Mia!”

JING: Oh my gosh. LOL. And did you reply?

MIA: Yeah, I whispered, “I love you too!”

Then he said, “Let’s get married soon.”

And I said, “That’s a great idea!”

JING: I thought you’re not getting married anymore?

MIA: I will. Zander said, “Let’s prepare for our wedding.”

and I answered, “Okay!”

JING: When did this happen?

MIA: During circle time. But only quietly.hihi

I’m going to marry in 2 more days, Mom. Search now please. We’re going to start with our wedding plans!

Lots of colorful flowers and a white banner that says, Happy Wedding Day Mia and Zander!

A wedding gown for me and a groom outfit for Zander. Then lots of flower girls and bouquets!

You’ll see how good we are dancing, Mom.

Then we’ll have drums for the music, rockstar guitar, and some piano and violin music too.


Nov. 5 : The Flower Girl

Flower Girl Mia

During her Aunt’s wedding. Oct.30.

MIA: Mommy, I’m shining.

JING: LOL. Yeah, you look beautiful.

MIA: My gown is up to the floor and they can’t see my shoes.

JING: Yes. Maybe you don’t need to marry Zander anymore. You already wore a very long gown and you already walked down the aisle.

MIA: And all their heads turned to see me!

JING: Yes.

MIA: Good thing the marriage didn’t start yet and I already left him.

#Ooops #SorryZander


Nov. __ : (check back soon!)